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Connie Watts Quotes

Quotes by Connie Watts - (4 quotes)

Connie Watts - From the Design category:

Design is more hands off, not as personal. Fine arts is everything about you. (Connie Watts)

Connie Watts - From the Humanity category:

We live in an illusion that somehow we are better [than animals] because we can destroy everything... (Connie Watts)

Connie Watts - From the Play category:

Remember play why think feel see fly free... that part of childhood you should keep intact. (Connie Watts)

Connie Watts - From the Tradition category:

I'm here and I have to be here but at the same time I'm tied back there. It's that representation and pulling and getting closer to that truth that my ancestors probably took for granted. (Connie Watts)