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Marion Starr Quotes

Quotes by Marion Starr - (3 quotes)

Marion Starr - From the Design category:

Design is everything. It is the structure of the painting. Among the major principles of design, unity is probably the most important... how the elements work together. (Marion Starr)

Marion Starr - From the Realism category:

The challenge of the realist artist is to reach beyond just a representation and convey the essence of the scene, to capture something of the mood and sense of the place. (Marion Starr)

Marion Starr - From the Simplicity category:

One of the proven methods of simplifying work is to focus on the essentials of the composition and ask the following questions – Why did I choose this subject? Is it a particular aspect of the light that appeals? Is it colour relationship? Repetition of shapes? (Marion Starr)