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Gail Griffiths Quotes

Quotes by Gail Griffiths - (5 quotes)

Gail Griffiths - From the Depression category:

Depression needs to lift and clutter needs to disband. Even these two elements serve a purpose in the path to a new piece of work. Clutter meets clutter, and creates a spark. In the lull of a dark cloud and sedate thought, images come. (Gail Griffiths)

Gail Griffiths - From the Goodness category:

In this life, so much of what we cannot control is caustic. The intrusive things we see, hear and smell make their way into our lives on a regular basis. If a painting can take you away from the crap out there, and help you scrape the day away, that's appeal. (Gail Griffiths)

Gail Griffiths - From the Indolence category:

Plateaus are those wondrous times when you think nothing is happening. (Gail Griffiths)

Gail Griffiths - From the Interest category:

There's an innate ability for creative minds to continue to process their interests. (Gail Griffiths)

Gail Griffiths - From the Trust category:

I desire to trust myself and have the strength to be in my art world, not feeling I have to leave it to serve others. (Gail Griffiths)