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Jamie Wyeth Quotes

Quotes by Jamie Wyeth - (11 quotes)

Jamie Wyeth - From the Danger category:

The danger, I find, is that you can become too formulaic, like some commissioned portrait painters who develop a methodology. (Jamie Wyeth)

Jamie Wyeth - From the Discipline category:

Painting is as difficult as brain surgery. It's not that relaxing. But that's the discipline. (Jamie Wyeth)

Jamie Wyeth - From the Influence category:

From my earliest memories, my aunt was squirting out oil paint. I could just eat it. I would go from her studio and walk down to my father's house, and there he was, working in egg tempera. (Jamie Wyeth)

Jamie Wyeth - From the Inspiration category:

I'm not inspired every day I go to the studio, but you've got to push yourself. Do it every day and once in a while things will really click. That's the biggest high you can imagine. (Jamie Wyeth)

Jamie Wyeth - From the Interest category:

My interest in painting is recording things. I think of myself as almost a documentary filmmaker... I've gotten into some curious situations... (Jamie Wyeth)

Jamie Wyeth - From the Photography category:

When painting portraits a lot of people say, 'Why not get a photograph of the person?' Photography is wonderful and it is an art form in itself, but... my portrait is a culmination of elements... a truer image of a person than just the 'click' of a snapshot. (Jamie Wyeth)

Jamie Wyeth - From the Portraiture category:

Everything I paint is a portrait, whatever the subject. (Jamie Wyeth)

Jamie Wyeth - From the Portraiture category:

When I paint a portrait I want to know more than just the looks of the person. I want to know how they live and what their feelings are... It then becomes more than just physiognomy, but the feel of the person. (Jamie Wyeth)

Jamie Wyeth - From the Portraiture category:

I'm an odd portrait painter in that I'm not just interested in human faces. I consider almost all of my paintings to be portraits. (Jamie Wyeth)

Jamie Wyeth - From the Realism category:

Interesting is when one can produce a picture that is pretty, but with undercurrents. The metaphor that comes to mind is in the poems of Robert Frost. (Jamie Wyeth)

Jamie Wyeth - From the Searching category:

Painting to me is constant searching. I can see what I want, but I can't get there, and yet you have to be open enough that if it goes another way, then let it go that way. (Jamie Wyeth)