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Charles Movalli Quotes

Quotes by Charles Movalli - (10 quotes)

Charles Movalli - From the Danger category:

The greatest temptation and danger is to rely on previous solutions and thus paint the same picture for the rest of your life. (Charles Movalli)

Charles Movalli - From the Deception category:

It can't look like you've worked hard and long, even if you have. A painting should be done quickly with both your intellect and your nerves. When they give out, stop. (Charles Movalli)

Charles Movalli - From the Finishing category:

The painterly painters labor under a disadvantage, since their idea of finish is not that of the general public. (Charles Movalli)

Charles Movalli - From the Individuality category:

The brush stroke is like a piece of the painter's handwriting. (Charles Movalli)

Charles Movalli - From the Painting category:

Painterly painters believe that an abbreviated style is best suited to capturing elusive effects. But although they consciously strive to develop a rapid execution, their detractors often criticize this characteristic, dismissing their work as little more than sketches. (Charles Movalli)

Charles Movalli - From the Plagiarism category:

Steal from everyone and copy no one. (Charles Movalli)

Charles Movalli - From the Relaxation category:

The painterly painter is in the highest state of tension, and the relaxation of this tension signals the finish of the picture. (Charles Movalli)

Charles Movalli - From the Seeing category:

On the face of it, the easiest of all activities should be seeing what we see. In reality, it's the hardest. (Charles Movalli)

Charles Movalli - From the Spectator category:

The painterly painter uses the viewer's experience to give life to the work. Instead of being a passive receiver of information, the viewer becomes a participant. (Charles Movalli)

Charles Movalli - From the Technique category:

The painterly painter avoids the how-to approach, suspicious as ever, that technique will obscure his or her vision. (Charles Movalli)