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Jan Phillips Quotes

Quotes by Jan Phillips - (7 quotes)

Jan Phillips - From the Culture category:

May we, as image makers, shapers of the culture, set our sights on things we value, rituals we engage in that heal and serve. May our images honor the ordinary endeavors of common people, and may they make their way to the eyes of the weary – light to the dark, fire to the chill. (Jan Phillips)

Jan Phillips - From the Joy category:

The real thing is that sweet joy you feel when you're in the midst of it. (Jan Phillips)

Jan Phillips - From the Life category:

Remember, we are creating the lives we're about to enter into. (Jan Phillips)

Jan Phillips - From the Photography category:

Photos are our autobiography, a way of telling who we are. (Jan Phillips)

Jan Phillips - From the Preparation category:

I believe that what it is I have been called to do will make itself known when I have made myself ready. (Jan Phillips)

Jan Phillips - From the Religion category:

God to me is the universe unfolding... (Jan Phillips)

Jan Phillips - From the Symbols category:

We photographers are poets in the language of symbols. (Jan Phillips)