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Michael Nevin Quotes

Quotes by Michael Nevin - (10 quotes)

Michael Nevin - From the Acrylics category:

Wipe or blot a wash tone if an acrylic wash seems too strong; add more washes over the initial one – once it is dry – to darken the color. (Michael Nevin)

Michael Nevin - From the Application category:

Opaque applications are useful in creating high color intensities, a feeling of solidity in forms where desired, and highlights or accents. (Michael Nevin)

Michael Nevin - From the Architecture category:

Although they are not always the primary focus, most of my work contains architectural elements. They suggest a human presence even when no figure is actually seen. (Michael Nevin)

Michael Nevin - From the Beginning category:

Each painting has a promise implicit in its beginnings – make the finished work fulfill that promise. (Michael Nevin)

Michael Nevin - From the Drawing category:

Drawing is the foundation of the painting – to familiarize yourself with the subject and to work out problems of perspective and proportion. (Michael Nevin)

Michael Nevin - From the Form category:

As forms, architectural elements are often complex and invariably interesting foils for light and shadow. (Michael Nevin)

Michael Nevin - From the Materials category:

I frequently use my fingers to blend or soften a wet area... fingers can be useful tools with a rapidly drying medium like acrylic. (Michael Nevin)

Michael Nevin - From the Painting category:

I paint because it's what I love to do. (Michael Nevin)

Michael Nevin - From the Simplicity category:

The simpler the better. (Michael Nevin)

Michael Nevin - From the Subject category:

What I paint is determined by a combination of visual interest and emotional resonance. I usually don't have to go far from home to find a subject that interests me. (Michael Nevin)