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Lisa Buck-Goldstein Quotes

Quotes by Lisa Buck-Goldstein - (4 quotes)

Lisa Buck-Goldstein - From the Acrylics category:

One-two-three method for acrylics: Lay in the darks. Add the brightest colors and highlights. Finish with the middle values and local colors. (Lisa Buck-Goldstein)

Lisa Buck-Goldstein - From the Colour category:

For a warm earthy palette, add Raw Umber, Cadmium Red Light, Burnt Umber and Olive Green. (Lisa Buck-Goldstein)

Lisa Buck-Goldstein - From the Drawing category:

When drawing complex subjects, don't look at the subject, but at the negative space - or background shapes - the subject creates. (Lisa Buck-Goldstein)

Lisa Buck-Goldstein - From the Painting category:

By painting the darks first, you can further correct the drawing with your brush. (Lisa Buck-Goldstein)