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Darylynn Starr Rank Quotes

Quotes by Darylynn Starr Rank - (3 quotes)

Darylynn Starr Rank - From the Creativity category:

There are people who are just plain supposed to be writing – or painting or sculpting or dancing or... This isn't optional, and often isn't even fun – it's as important as breathing. (Darylynn Starr Rank)

Darylynn Starr Rank - From the Life category:

- about the impact of our lives on our creativity...
If you ain't driving it, it's driving you. (Darylynn Starr Rank)

Darylynn Starr Rank - From the Universe category:

How is it possible that the world's most respected scientists devote their lives to understanding the physical universe, yet we feel silly when we try to understand our own? Imagine telling Einstein to 'let it be.' (Darylynn Starr Rank)