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Alvaro Castagnet Quotes

Quotes by Alvaro Castagnet - (6 quotes)

Alvaro Castagnet - From the Creativity category:

The emotional mind creates, and the rational mind explains it. Another way of saying this is, your 'heart' perceives it and your 'head' translates it. (Alvaro Castagnet)

Alvaro Castagnet - From the Finishing category:

At the end of the day, the only thing that counts is your insight, your reaction, and the way you convey your feeling towards the subject. (Alvaro Castagnet)

Alvaro Castagnet - From the Intuition category:

I'm not interested in your knowledge, I'm interested in your intuition - that's where genius resides. (Alvaro Castagnet)

Alvaro Castagnet - From the Painting category:

Painting is the amalgamation of elements that communicate an idea, a feeling, a mood – and this has to be done with passion! (Alvaro Castagnet)

Alvaro Castagnet - From the Passion category:

Passion should overwhelm reason time and again. (Alvaro Castagnet)

Alvaro Castagnet - From the Technique category:

Technique should be entirely subordinate to the demands of your emotions. (Alvaro Castagnet)