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Miles G. Batt Quotes

Quotes by Miles G. Batt - (5 quotes)

Miles G. Batt - From the Boredom category:

I'd rather be BAFFLED than BORED. (Miles G. Batt)

Miles G. Batt - From the Creativity category:

Creativity is a lifestyle, and ideas are the product and lifeblood of that lifestyle. (Miles G. Batt)

Miles G. Batt - From the Information category:

The differences between the information we get from internal and external sources are vital. (Miles G. Batt)

Miles G. Batt - From the Meaning category:

The power to perceive various meanings from a single stimulus serves free association and reinforces flexibility. (Miles G. Batt)

Miles G. Batt - From the Opposites category:

Perceive the similarity between the unfamiliar and what is familiar - look for opposites - and change your frame of reference. (Miles G. Batt)