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Franklin Carmichael Quotes

Quotes by Franklin Carmichael - (4 quotes)

Franklin Carmichael - From the Artists category:

It is imperative that the artist reveal through the medium in which he is happiest, what he sees, thinks and feels about his surroundings. (Franklin Carmichael)

Franklin Carmichael - From the Courage category:

...if he will only have the courage of sincerity, taking hold with both hands and discounting tradition. (Franklin Carmichael)

Franklin Carmichael - From the Inspiration category:

A landscape clean and crisp in form and colour, rich in inspiration is all that an artist could wish for, begging to be used, and full of inherent possibilities... (Franklin Carmichael)

Franklin Carmichael - From the Movement category:

We shall yet develop a movement that will be distinctive as our native landscape... (Franklin Carmichael)