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Jean-Paul Riopelle Quotes

Quotes by Jean-Paul Riopelle - (4 quotes)

Jean-Paul Riopelle - From the Beginning category:

When I begin a painting I always hope to complete it in a few strokes, starting with the first colours I daub down anywhere and anyhow. But it never works, so I add more, without realizing it. (Jean-Paul Riopelle)

Jean-Paul Riopelle - From the Confidence category:

When I hesitate, I do not paint. When I paint, I do not hesitate. (Jean-Paul Riopelle)

Jean-Paul Riopelle - From the Painting category:

I would even go as far to say - obviously I don't use a palette, but the idea of a palette or a selection of colors that is not mine makes me uncomfortable, because when I work, I can't waste my time searching for them. It has to work right away. (Jean-Paul Riopelle)

Jean-Paul Riopelle - From the Technique category:

I have never wanted to paint thickly - paint tubes are much too expensive. But one way or another, the painting has to be done. When I learn how to paint better, I will paint less thickly. (Jean-Paul Riopelle)