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David Lussier Quotes

Quotes by David Lussier - (6 quotes)

David Lussier - From the Confidence category:

The power of suggestion is a tool everyone should learn to use. It runs hand in hand with trusting your intuition and your own unique inventiveness and painting with confidence. (David Lussier)

David Lussier - From the Energy category:

Fewer brushstrokes make a bigger statement since they breathe life and energy into the work. (David Lussier)

David Lussier - From the Fun category:

The desire to have fun during the painting process opens up the mind to producing interesting brushwork. (David Lussier)

David Lussier - From the Masters category:

-on George Carpenter...
It's a culmination of a truly gifted mind that has been worked hard by the artist who owns it through the many decades of being productive. (David Lussier)

David Lussier - From the Satisfaction category:

Since I am the creator of the painting and the first real 'viewer' – when I feel satisfied, I put the brushes down and hope that someone else will feel satisfied too. (David Lussier)

David Lussier - From the Simplicity category:

By painting a thing as simply as possible, you can get to the spirit of it, and then subject and artist reveal themselves to each other. (David Lussier)