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Jill Badonsky Quotes

Quotes by Jill Badonsky - (5 quotes)

Jill Badonsky - From the Confidence category:

Simple confidence can change perception of both audience and artist. (Jill Badonsky)

Jill Badonsky - From the Courage category:

We must be willing to fall flat on our faces. Fearlessly putting ourselves out there is simply a required part of the process. At the very least, it results in the gift of humility and, at best, the triumph of our human spirit. (Jill Badonsky)

Jill Badonsky - From the Indolence category:

In the creative process, a great deal of the unseen must happen. A week can go by with only daydreaming, playing with intentions, walking and thinking, revisiting past works. (Jill Badonsky)

Jill Badonsky - From the Modernism category:

Modern art is supported by the audacious. (Jill Badonsky)

Jill Badonsky - From the Muse category:

Often the Muse will not respond to direct and logical requests. She must be lured in with the playful and gentle. (Jill Badonsky)