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John Stuart Pryce Quotes

Quotes by John Stuart Pryce - (7 quotes)

John Stuart Pryce - From the Artists category:

The primary difference that I see between commercial art and fine art is that commercial artists have parameters and specifications set out by someone else, and are motivated by schedules and profit. Fine artists are generally motivated by our own choice of subject and limited only by our mastery of the medium and creativity. The concept of profit, or actually being paid for something we enjoy creating, seems to be a grey area... (John Stuart Pryce)

John Stuart Pryce - From the Composition category:

Don't waste time trying to find that perfect composition. Remember life is short, and while contemplating the wonderful texture and taste of that ice cream cone, and why you prefer one flavour over another... your ice cream cone is melting. (John Stuart Pryce)

John Stuart Pryce - From the Materials category:

Keep those brushes clean and ready to go! (John Stuart Pryce)

John Stuart Pryce - From the Plein-Air category:

We all enjoy those perfect days when the sun is shining; the clouds are interesting and the wind is low. Even a few bugs won't ruin the mood for painting en plein air. It is when the conditions are less than perfect that our true devotion to plein-air painting is put to the test. (John Stuart Pryce)

John Stuart Pryce - From the Plein-Air category:

Like the rain and snow, the wind is generally not your friend when painting outside. It might add drama to a water scene and keep the bugs at bay, but it tends to just be chilling or send your easel and umbrella airborne. (John Stuart Pryce)

John Stuart Pryce - From the Spontaneity category:

The initial acrylic 'block in' was so spontaneous and exciting... I have to ask myself, at what point is this not a finished painting? (John Stuart Pryce)

John Stuart Pryce - From the Style category:

When doodling, you are not trying to emulate anyone else but subconsciously developing a vocabulary of shapes and hand movements that are simply and wonderfully your own. Doodling seems to be one way to develop a personal style... (John Stuart Pryce)