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Howard Hodgkin Quotes

Quotes by Howard Hodgkin - (5 quotes)

Howard Hodgkin - From the Communication category:

The only way an artist can communicate with the world at large is on the level of feeling. (Howard Hodgkin)

Howard Hodgkin - From the Edges category:

It is simply impossible to control a large painting with the edge in the same way that you can control a small one. (Howard Hodgkin)

Howard Hodgkin - From the Emotion category:

A lot of people... are afraid of pictures which have visible emotions in them. They feel calmer in front of pictures which are placid. (Howard Hodgkin)

Howard Hodgkin - From the Finishing category:

My pictures really finish themselves. (Howard Hodgkin)

Howard Hodgkin - From the Painting category:

To be a painter now is to be part of a very small, endangered species. (Howard Hodgkin)