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Martine Gourbault Quotes

Quotes by Martine Gourbault - (4 quotes)

Martine Gourbault - From the Communication category:

Spoken out loud or in whispers, one way or another, our personal history becomes an intrinsic part of the broader history of our species, a thread in the complex interweaving. (Martine Gourbault)

Martine Gourbault - From the Immortality category:

Write it, paint it, sculpt it, quilt it, collage it, set it to music, blog it, somehow, in some way, sometimes against great odds, we will tell our tale and leave behind traces of our existence. (Martine Gourbault)

Martine Gourbault - From the Influence category:

The influences may be subliminal and subtle but all that surrounds us in some way changes how we see things and who we are. (Martine Gourbault)

Martine Gourbault - From the Perseverance category:

Energy shifts, the mind chatters, but I shall persevere in keeping that internal critic from raining on my parade. (Martine Gourbault)