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Denis Donoghue Quotes

Quotes by Denis Donoghue - (4 quotes)

Denis Donoghue - From the Language category:

Knowing that language has done so much, we want to believe that it can do everything. (Denis Donoghue)

Denis Donoghue - From the Mysteries category:

A critical discourse that had respect for the mystery of art would look to the sense of life which finds expression in paradox, metaphor, tautology, and syntax. (Denis Donoghue)

Denis Donoghue - From the Reality category:

The truth of art consists in its power to break the monopoly that those in power exercise by defining what is real. (Denis Donoghue)

Denis Donoghue - From the Words category:

There is no good reason to suppose that whatever can be felt can be expressed in words, or indeed in any articulate form. (Denis Donoghue)