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Tom Thomson Quotes

Quotes by Tom Thomson - (4 quotes)

Tom Thomson - From the Commitment category:

-to his father...
I'll stick to painting as long as I can. (Tom Thomson)

Tom Thomson - From the Dissatisfaction category:

-in a letter to Dr. James MacCallum...
The maples are about all stripped of leaves now, but the birches are very rich in colour... the best I can do does not do the place much justice in the way of beauty. (Tom Thomson)

Tom Thomson - From the Eccentricity category:

-to Mark Robinson...
Say Mark... you know just what I want, three trees... Black spruce rough cold looking trees you know what I mean. Trees against a cold green grey northern sky - where can I get them at once? (Tom Thomson)

Tom Thomson - From the Problems category:

-Group of Seven Canadian Artist, 1877-1917...
Take everything as it comes; the wave passes, deal with the next one. (Tom Thomson)