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Elizabeth Azzolina Quotes

Quotes by Elizabeth Azzolina - (5 quotes)

Elizabeth Azzolina - From the Achievement category:

An artist needs to take many tiny baby steps to achieve and maintain quality and continuity. (Elizabeth Azzolina)

Elizabeth Azzolina - From the Aging category:

Age breeds caution and a yearning for security. Youth invites risk and challenge. As we grow older it becomes important to be able to balance our sensibilities with our curiosities. (Elizabeth Azzolina)

Elizabeth Azzolina - From the Artists category:

As artists we are educators and communicators. We need to keep our finger on the pulse of society. (Elizabeth Azzolina)

Elizabeth Azzolina - From the Communication category:

As communicators, artists should not just portray a subject. Their work should be a window to the thoughts and inner workings of their artist lives and minds. (Elizabeth Azzolina)

Elizabeth Azzolina - From the Habit category:

Attending classes can become a habit creating a dependency for advice and support. (Elizabeth Azzolina)