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Catherine Nash Quotes

Quotes by Catherine Nash - (7 quotes)

Catherine Nash - From the Creativity category:

Who knows where the art world is going? You cannot care about how you fit in... it is most vital to listen to and honor creative muse... and then create! (Catherine Nash)

Catherine Nash - From the Inspiration category:

At a certain point in your life, you have to stop looking outside to look internally for inspiration. (Catherine Nash)

Catherine Nash - From the Meaning category:

When you pursue artistic expression and give yourself the gift of time to create, you are centering yourself and giving your life a richer level of meaning that expands to other aspects of your life. Being creative gives you a tremendous reason for being. (Catherine Nash)

Catherine Nash - From the Money category:

You don't go into art to make money. Sure, you can try to make money from it, but in my experience that's not the initial impetus. For instance, Renaissance Florence was an incredible Mecca of artistic energy, but that was a different day and time. You don't find many patrons of the arts these days. (Catherine Nash)

Catherine Nash - From the Time category:

I work best with a deadline. If I don't have a show or a gallery deadline, I impose it upon myself. I always leave something to finish the next day. (Catherine Nash)

Catherine Nash - From the Trust category:

Trust the conversation that is without word: an intuitive conversation with paper, wax, branches, brush, pen, saw and twine. So, future self, trust thyself! Stay true! (Catherine Nash)

Catherine Nash - From the Vision category:

A beginning artist naturally focuses on the work of others, finding a rhythm to match her own. At a certain point however, you have to stop doing that, internalize the search, and find your own visual poetry. What is your inner vision? It's vital to make that shift. (Catherine Nash)