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Susan Canavarro Quotes

Quotes by Susan Canavarro - (3 quotes)

Susan Canavarro - From the Selling category:

Today, we need to be open to all possible ways of earning a living with our art, and selling alongside the road is one way to do it. No overhead, no restrictions, no framing costs, no middle person, gallery or agent. (Susan Canavarro)

Susan Canavarro - From the Wonder category:

We can't help but look up at a blue sky. It is open and large, all encompassing. It is Magic. Magnificence. Like living in God's eyeball. (Susan Canavarro)

Susan Canavarro - From the Words category:

The word 'Retro' implies going 'backward' or making something from the past look new and contemporary - it is both ambiguous and judgmental. Take out judgmental words and maybe the divide will disappear. (Susan Canavarro)