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Ken Campbell Quotes

Quotes by Ken Campbell - (7 quotes)

Ken Campbell - From the Artists category:

Artists paint virtual doorways. Viewers stand in front and choose whether to enter the visual narrative... (Ken Campbell)

Ken Campbell - From the Commerce category:

Financial success as a fine artist is largely a product of time, timing and marketing – assuming of course that good art is being produced all the while. (Ken Campbell)

Ken Campbell - From the Journey category:

I think of art and painting as a journey, not simply a destination. I believe an artist needs to start by painting 100 works. Love the journey. (Ken Campbell)

Ken Campbell - From the Money category:

A fine artist probably requires income from a number of sources simultaneously to make a go of it. (Ken Campbell)

Ken Campbell - From the Profession category:

After more than three decades of creating commercial art as a graphic designer and book illustrator - telling other people's stories - I have begun the journey of a full-time painter, to tell my own. (Ken Campbell)

Ken Campbell - From the Questions category:

The mother of all answers is... 'paint.' (Ken Campbell)

Ken Campbell - From the Spectator category:

Response [of viewers] is triggered by the design, drawing, form, colour, etc. presented by the artist, but also draws on their own experiences and imagination. (Ken Campbell)