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Andries Veerman Quotes

Quotes by Andries Veerman - (5 quotes)

Andries Veerman - From the Colour category:

We don't paint the color of the subject; in reality we paint the colors that reflect onto the subject. (Andries Veerman)

Andries Veerman - From the Importance category:

It's important knowing why you want to paint your subject, analyzing what you see, and then having the skill to control the process of painting. (Andries Veerman)

Andries Veerman - From the Painting category:

As a painter we need to take a baby's approach – painting shapes, not things. Painting is putting correct shapes of color notes in the right places. (Andries Veerman)

Andries Veerman - From the Photography category:

I generally don't pack an easel on my back, so the least I do is carry my digital camera wherever I go. (Andries Veerman)

Andries Veerman - From the Plein-Air category:

There's nothing like leaving your soul in a place and enjoying the beauty of plein-air painting, battling the sun, insects and time. Always remember to keep your concentration and not bring home a turkey! (Andries Veerman)