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Zoltan Szabo Quotes

Quotes by Zoltan Szabo - (6 quotes)

Zoltan Szabo - From the Colour category:

As artists we are most concerned with the behavior of reflected light. When the reflected colors of the spectrum are curved around to form the familiar color wheel, exciting relationships are revealed. (Zoltan Szabo)

Zoltan Szabo - From the Colour category:

Allow one color, or just a couple of analogous colors, to dominate the mood of the painting; and let the others fulfil a supporting role. (Zoltan Szabo)

Zoltan Szabo - From the Complementaries category:

Complementary hues lose their color identity when mixed in optically equal combination. I try to select one color which is light in value and another which can go dark if I need it to. (Zoltan Szabo)

Zoltan Szabo - From the Contrasts category:

Contrasting color temperatures are as important as value contrasts. (Zoltan Szabo)

Zoltan Szabo - From the Love category:

The love of color is a fundamental part of the nature of every human being. (Zoltan Szabo)

Zoltan Szabo - From the Simplicity category:

Painting with the minimum number of colors to achieve maximum result is a sign of sophistication and compositional discipline. (Zoltan Szabo)