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Nicolas Poussin Quotes

Quotes by Nicolas Poussin - (5 quotes)

Nicolas Poussin - From the Colour category:

Colors in painting are as allurements for persuading the eyes, as the sweetness of meter is in poetry. (Nicolas Poussin)

Nicolas Poussin - From the Drawing category:

Drawing is the skeleton of what you do and color is its flash. (Nicolas Poussin)

Nicolas Poussin - From the Expectation category:

It is impossible to work at the same time upon frontispieces of books: a Virgin: at the picture for the congregation of St. Louis, at the designs for the gallery, and for the king's tapestry! I have only a feeble head, and am not aided by anyone! (Nicolas Poussin)

Nicolas Poussin - From the Mistakes category:

I neglected nothing. (Nicolas Poussin)

Nicolas Poussin - From the Purpose category:

The purpose of art is delectation. (Nicolas Poussin)