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Raoul Dufy Quotes

Quotes by Raoul Dufy - (7 quotes)

Raoul Dufy - From the Colour category:

Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones... it will always stay blue; whereas yellow is blackened in its shades, and fades away when lightened; red when darkened becomes brown, and diluted with white is no longer red, but another color – pink. (Raoul Dufy)

Raoul Dufy - From the Communication category:

What I wish to show when I paint is the way I see things with my eyes and in my heart. (Raoul Dufy)

Raoul Dufy - From the Imitation category:

One must not imitate the sun, one must make oneself into a sun. (Raoul Dufy)

Raoul Dufy - From the Renewal category:

When I feel a little confused... the only thing to do is to turn back to the study of nature before launching once again into the subjects closest to heart. (Raoul Dufy)

Raoul Dufy - From the Rules category:

I don't follow any system. All the laws you can lay down are only so many props to be cast aside when the hour of creation arrives. (Raoul Dufy)

Raoul Dufy - From the Sight category:

My eyes were made to erase all that is ugly. (Raoul Dufy)

Raoul Dufy - From the Subject category:

The subject itself is of no account; what matters is the way it is presented. (Raoul Dufy)