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Sonia Delaunay Quotes

Quotes by Sonia Delaunay - (5 quotes)

Sonia Delaunay - From the Artists category:

For me there is no gap between my painting and my so-called 'decorative' work. I never considered the 'minor arts' to be artistically frustrating; on the contrary, it was an extension of my art. (Sonia Delaunay)

Sonia Delaunay - From the Colour category:

He who knows how to appreciate colour relationships, the influence of one colour on another, their contrasts and dissonances, is promised an infinitely diverse imagery. (Sonia Delaunay)

Sonia Delaunay - From the Light category:

In the sky we had rediscovered the moving principle of any work of art: the light, and the motion of color. (Sonia Delaunay)

Sonia Delaunay - From the Movement category:

It was a tradition to represent a dancer frozen in a chosen position, like a snapshot. I broke away from this tradition by superimposing postures, blending light and motion and scrambling the planes. (Sonia Delaunay)

Sonia Delaunay - From the Poetry category:

-from The Cubist Poets in Paris: An Anthology by LeRoy C. Breunig...
ZENITH / NOON beats out / on its solar anvil / the rays of light (Sonia Delaunay)