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Thomas Cole Quotes

Quotes by Thomas Cole - (4 quotes)

Thomas Cole - From the Colour category:

The sky is the soul of all scenery. It makes the earth lovely at sunrise and splendid at sunset. In the one it breathes over the earth a crystal-like ether, in the other a liquid gold. (Thomas Cole)

Thomas Cole - From the Inspiration category:

How I have walked... day after day, and all alone, to see if there was not something among the old things which was new! (Thomas Cole)

Thomas Cole - From the Solitude category:

Amid those scenes of solitude... the mind is cast into the contemplation of eternal things. (Thomas Cole)

Thomas Cole - From the Time category:

I never succeed in painting scenes, however beautiful, immediately upon returning from them. I must wait for a time to draw a veil over the common details... (Thomas Cole)