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Suzette Fram Quotes

Quotes by Suzette Fram - (4 quotes)

Suzette Fram - From the Friendship category:

Internet friendships are not real. They must not take the place of real people and real friends in your life. (Suzette Fram)

Suzette Fram - From the Peace category:

If you want to be a calm, peaceful person, behave as if you are a calm, peaceful person; before you know it, you will become calmer and more peaceful. (Suzette Fram)

Suzette Fram - From the Selling category:

There is a buyer out there somewhere for almost any kind of art. Even though I paint because I love it, selling is the ultimate validation that my work has value, because someone is willing to pay money to get it. (Suzette Fram)

Suzette Fram - From the Workshops category:

If you want to show a student something in particular, you should do so on a separate surface, never on the actual work itself. Otherwise, when the work is done, can the artist sign the work in good conscience, or it is then a 'collaboration' with credit due to both student and teacher? (Suzette Fram)