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Judith Weir Quotes

Quotes by Judith Weir - (6 quotes)

Judith Weir - From the Collaboration category:

I'm constantly thinking about trying to piece together collaborators... All disciplines can be narrow... (Judith Weir)

Judith Weir - From the Danger category:

The danger of having too close deadlines... It could lead you to just accept an avenue that's not quite good enough. (Judith Weir)

Judith Weir - From the Finishing category:

I often wonder, if there were no deadlines, would anything ever get ended? (Judith Weir)

Judith Weir - From the Ideas category:

Students think they must write down the idea immediately, but I tell them if it's a good idea it'll be in your head in five minutes' time. (Judith Weir)

Judith Weir - From the Immortality category:

I do hope some of my work has a long lifetime. A piece that works out well this year may work out very well in twenty years' time as well, but I'm very much thinking about what's the right piece now, at this moment. (Judith Weir)

Judith Weir - From the Performance category:

The problem with our art form: it's so ephemeral, and catching performances can be so difficult... the important thing is what happens at the moment of performance, for the people who made the effort to be there: it lives with them. (Judith Weir)