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Errollyn Wallen Quotes

Quotes by Errollyn Wallen - (6 quotes)

Errollyn Wallen - From the Collaboration category:

In a lifetime there are only a few people you can work with... where you can trust each other and push each other in different directions. (Errollyn Wallen)

Errollyn Wallen - From the Creativity category:

When you're creating you have to descend to depths. You've just got to go there – to the boredom, the banality, the loneliness and all that. Those moments of really feeling in the flow are fleeting... (Errollyn Wallen)

Errollyn Wallen - From the Difficulty category:

There's a thrill in the midst of the hardship in knowing that I'm making the invisible real. And I'm doing what I want. (Errollyn Wallen)

Errollyn Wallen - From the Freedom category:

I crave the freedom of knowing that if I want to do something, I can do it. It's important that I live in such a way that I can maintain a direct response to ideas. (Errollyn Wallen)

Errollyn Wallen - From the Music category:

Music begins and ends in the air – it's got to be shared. (Errollyn Wallen)

Errollyn Wallen - From the Priorities category:

The tighter a deadline is, the more I'm inclined to be perverse and rebellious – I'll start thinking about another, different project, until it becomes the most fantastic thing which I must start immediately. (Errollyn Wallen)