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Alan Feltus Quotes

Quotes by Alan Feltus - (4 quotes)

Alan Feltus - From the Choices category:

My paintings are made up of what remains after eliminating everything unwanted. (Alan Feltus)

Alan Feltus - From the Limitations category:

No matter how gifted a painter, his work is defined by his limitations. (Alan Feltus)

Alan Feltus - From the Struggle category:

Painters often seem to be involved in a great struggle with those things they have the greatest difficulty mastering... It is as though the artist is always working a little bit beyond his area of competence, stubbornly doing what is to some degree impossible. (Alan Feltus)

Alan Feltus - From the Wonder category:

How wonderful it is when that moment of true seeing comes and I'm transported to that point when eyes, hand and mind work as the child in all of us. (Alan Feltus)