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Jerry Waese Quotes

Quotes by Jerry Waese - (4 quotes)

Jerry Waese - From the Accidents category:

Color accidents are exciting and drive me into an appreciative reassessment of the piece as a whole. (Jerry Waese)

Jerry Waese - From the Ideas category:

I am getting too many ideas in the bathtub and I often forget to bring a pad. Soap bubbles just don't last! (Jerry Waese)

Jerry Waese - From the Integrity category:

When a painting has integrity, it will draw the viewer in. It will 'sustain interest' like a building sustains the business that it was built for. (Jerry Waese)

Jerry Waese - From the Materials category:

Medias are in flux, and artists are rewarded for exploring the new media partly by the industries that generate the new materials and tools. (Jerry Waese)