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Paula Rego Quotes

Quotes by Paula Rego - (12 quotes)

Paula Rego - From the Change category:

Every change is a form of liberation. My mother used to say a change is always good even if it's for the worse. (Paula Rego)

Paula Rego - From the Collage category:

In collage you're doing it in stages so you're not actually doing it right there. You first of all draw it on the paper, then you cut it up, then you paste it down, then you change it, then you shove it about, then you may paint bits of it over, so actually you're not making the picture there and then, you're making it through a process, so it's not so spontaneous. (Paula Rego)

Paula Rego - From the Desire category:

I've needed an impulse from within, a lot of emotional energy to do this stuff, and a kind of desire. It's a very aggressive thing... It's not an aggression like you're hitting it; it's a sensual aggression, if you like. (Paula Rego)

Paula Rego - From the Discovery category:

To find one's way anywhere one has to find one's door, just like Alice, you see. You take too much of one thing and you get too big, then you take too much of another and you get too small. You've got to find your own doorway into things... (Paula Rego)

Paula Rego - From the Dissatisfaction category:

Another thing that escapes me is HOW to give substance to the forms. One day they look solid and 'real' and they seem to hinge upon each other and splinter and creak, fall with a thud to the bottom of the canvas and drag across the surface, and the next day they are like dust, all lightweight and just stuck there. (Paula Rego)

Paula Rego - From the Interpretation category:

We interpret the world through stories... everybody makes in their own way sense of things, but if you have stories it helps. (Paula Rego)

Paula Rego - From the Models category:

-on Lila Nunes...
She is not a model like the usual kind of model; she's collaborating in this thing... she has a knack of getting herself into the right position... like when [as a child] you have your best friend come over and you play at things. (Paula Rego)

Paula Rego - From the Modernism category:

That is why my pictures don't look like modern art. It's some sort of timidity on my part I'm sure. (Paula Rego)

Paula Rego - From the Poetry category:

Poetry is good for unleashing images. (Paula Rego)

Paula Rego - From the Selling category:

I'm not fashionable at all, and the fact that I manage to sell pictures without being fashionable is thanks to my gallery. (Paula Rego)

Paula Rego - From the Space category:

The gaps between the forms worry me. I can never get these spaces right... (Paula Rego)

Paula Rego - From the Studio category:

I thought the only way you can get into things is... through the basement... exactly where my studio was ... I could creep upstairs and snatch at things, and bring them down with me... where I could munch away at them. (Paula Rego)