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Steve Childs Quotes

Quotes by Steve Childs - (7 quotes)

Steve Childs - From the Change category:

Don't be complacent with your work. Push yourself every day. Don't just find what works and never change. (Steve Childs)

Steve Childs - From the Colour category:

The theory of not mixing black to darken colors really needs to be tossed out the window. Used sparingly, black can create wonderful, muted colors. (Steve Childs)

Steve Childs - From the Composition category:

A good composition keeps things from 'floating' or 'flying' off the canvas, but a poor composition will ruin an otherwise great work of art. (Steve Childs)

Steve Childs - From the Concentration category:

It takes 100 per cent of your attention and focus, backed up with years of drawing experience, to train yourself to paint what you see. (Steve Childs)

Steve Childs - From the Portraiture category:

The first step in learning to paint flesh tones correctly is to understand the body. Rich colors usually appear wherever blood flows near the surface of the skin, while light and frequently cool colors tend to appear wherever the skin is stretched and seemingly without blood near the surface. (Steve Childs)

Steve Childs - From the Subject category:

Making your subject believable isn't your only goal. It's just as important to make your paintings fresh, exciting and interesting too. (Steve Childs)

Steve Childs - From the Values category:

Value (or the use of light) is our best ally as a painter. Don't think for a minute this is not in the artist's control. (Steve Childs)