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Ken Strong Quotes

Quotes by Ken Strong - (10 quotes)

Ken Strong - From the Challenge category:

The great challenge and inspiration of art lies in its unpredictability. (Ken Strong)

Ken Strong - From the Composition category:

When I begin a composition, I try to clearly understand the idea behind the subject... my subconscious tends to reinforce the idea by complementing and contrasting colours in patterns around the subject, leading mind and vision to the centre of the composition. (Ken Strong)

Ken Strong - From the Emotion category:

The accuracy of the image becomes less important if the feel of the subject can be emulated. This can be achieved through well-planned composition and a free application of the medium. (Ken Strong)

Ken Strong - From the Mediums category:

I don't believe it matters what type of medium you use – there is always an opportunity to keep the subject alive and moving. (Ken Strong)

Ken Strong - From the Painting category:

If you are too meticulous and deliberate with the brush you will sometimes break the visual flow and stifle image development. (Ken Strong)

Ken Strong - From the Skill category:

If you use all your acquired skills and allow a bit of latitude in the 'doing' and not just the thinking, then you will produce some interesting results. (Ken Strong)

Ken Strong - From the Spontaneity category:

If you have the perseverance, courage and the confidence to unleash your trained skills without too much interference from the analytical or left side of the brain, the spontaneity that results can be exhilarating. (Ken Strong)

Ken Strong - From the Struggle category:

Working spontaneously can be tiring because you are struggling with your instinctive urge to control everything. (Ken Strong)

Ken Strong - From the Symphony category:

Imagine a symphony consisting of one note played for an hour. Next, visualize an artwork painted with white paint, and nothing else. Both present a challenge... in staying awake! Despite the creative ability of the imagination, it can be hard work if you start with something that lacks any form of animation. (Ken Strong)

Ken Strong - From the Technique category:

It is helpful to consider any technique that stimulates 'abstract thinking' because these help the brain fully absorb and appreciate, and this may lead to greater creativity. (Ken Strong)