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Graham Nickson Quotes

Quotes by Graham Nickson - (5 quotes)

Graham Nickson - From the Challenge category:

The challenge, of course, is to move people to look at an image they've seen many times before – something as banal as someone taking off their shirt on the beach – and to have them realize they've never quite seen it that way. (Graham Nickson)

Graham Nickson - From the Drawing category:

Some people hark to the past as a paradigm of how things were before they went wrong; they talk about going back to drawing. To me, it's about going forward, putting a new brick in the building of experience. Drawing from observation must inevitably be of its time. (Graham Nickson)

Graham Nickson - From the Finishing category:

A painting is like the fa├žade of a house... and you're like a janitor who goes around systematically trying to close all the windows and doors – but when you get to the top floor to close the last window, a wind blows open the one on the first landing. You rush down and close that one, and then one on the middle floor blows open and you rush to close that. But when you've closed all the entries to the house, then the painting is closed – not that it's finished, it's just that you can't enter it any longer. (Graham Nickson)

Graham Nickson - From the Humanity category:

I... believe painting the figure can be the most vital thing at any moment. (Graham Nickson)

Graham Nickson - From the Individuality category:

The wonderful thing about looking at the real world is that it is never the same for each individual. (Graham Nickson)