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Carlton Plummer Quotes

Quotes by Carlton Plummer - (5 quotes)

Carlton Plummer - From the Accidents category:

What at first seems accidental is really 'controlled looseness.' Unity is always a top priority and is important for the success of a painting. (Carlton Plummer)

Carlton Plummer - From the Application category:

The initial application of paint provokes spontaneous responses that result in subsequent decisions... unlimited possibilities in technique and design. (Carlton Plummer)

Carlton Plummer - From the Colour category:

I find great pleasure in using color out of context to express emotion and to entertain the viewer. (Carlton Plummer)

Carlton Plummer - From the Design category:

Every painting must have a design structure, a foundation of line and shapes on which to build the values, color and detail. (Carlton Plummer)

Carlton Plummer - From the Watercolours category:

I am moved by the nature of the medium when I approach it with no preconceived ideas; the accidental happenings of the rapid, free-flowing action of watercolor when used wet-into-wet. (Carlton Plummer)