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Mary Madsen Quotes

Quotes by Mary Madsen - (14 quotes)

Mary Madsen - From the Business category:

Accept the business end of art as a mental break and breather from the creative side – productive time while the broth boils down to sauce... It's plain old-fashioned mental and creative hygiene. (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Criticism category:

-quoting her Drawing 101 teacher in students' critique...
Whata do thesea alla have ina common? Crap! They're all crap! (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Education category:

A formal education in the arts can be like a physical injury sustained early in life – it keeps flaring up the rest of your days and you sometimes find yourself limping where once your gait was steady. (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Ego category:

-on her Drawing 101 teacher...
I left my ego at the door of his classroom when I entered, and left with a portfolio of drawings I still can't believe I produced. (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Information category:

The human brain takes in 40 million bits of information per second... Second by second, we are each creating our own reality. Second by second, we are unconsciously filtering out information we have somehow determined irrelevant. (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Life category:

Plan to live a life of character and values. Values are the pigment of our art; what we do with them is our masterpiece or kitsch. (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Masters category:

-on J. M. W. Turner...
Magic lies at the end of the road of mastery, but somehow Turner traveled that road with magic in his pocket. (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Photography category:

When I step out into the morning light with my camera, something within becomes more aware, and I enter another world as I'm framing, second by second, what Cartier-Bresson called 'instant drawing.' (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Photography category:

The camera is stupid and has no creativity. It can also be the devil's tool, enticing us to the greed of shooting off a few shots to be appreciated later, just for the sake of moving along and getting more, more, more. (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Procrastination category:

It wasn't my tortuous, blazing creative nature that nurtured my procrastination, it was simply my human condition. (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Struggle category:

Let the bad times roll! I'm loving every minute of the struggle. (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Thought category:

Colors make things pop. Thoughts, too, have color, and using color to write them down is a way of rap-tap-tapping on the wellspring of our reclusive ideas and forcing them to speak. (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Uniqueness category:

What can possibly be more unique than looking at what everybody else sees and seeing it with an eye that has never come before on this earth and will never come again? (Mary Madsen)

Mary Madsen - From the Writing category:

I was a far better writer when I was writing, than after I'd learned about writing and wrote endlessly about other people's writing. (Mary Madsen)