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Hans Haacke Quotes

Quotes by Hans Haacke - (4 quotes)

Hans Haacke - From the Business category:

The artist's business requires an involvement in practically everything... The total scope of information he receives day after day is of concern. (Hans Haacke)

Hans Haacke - From the Money category:

If you look at the size of the art world in terms of the money that is being transacted compared to other parts of the 'consciousness industry,' it is minuscule. But if you look at what happens in this small sector, how it rubs off on the rest of it, it is astonishing. (Hans Haacke)

Hans Haacke - From the Profession category:

It would be bypassing the issue to say that the artist's business is to work with this and that material or manipulate the findings of perceptual psychology, and that the rest should be left to other professions. (Hans Haacke)

Hans Haacke - From the Survival category:

An artist is not an isolated system. In order to survive he has to interact continuously with the world around him... Theoretically there are no limits to his involvement. (Hans Haacke)