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Melanie Peter Quotes

Quotes by Melanie Peter - (8 quotes)

Melanie Peter - From the Boredom category:

It takes a mix of control and a sense of abandon to make art. Plus it's just plain boring to know the exact outcome. (Melanie Peter)

Melanie Peter - From the Fear category:

Fear is the enemy of art. But it's a misfortune to be in complete control and a gift to feel slightly lost. (Melanie Peter)

Melanie Peter - From the Money category:

Money does not appear in my mental landscape. It is as invisible and remote to me as one of Jupiter's moons. (Melanie Peter)

Melanie Peter - From the Power category:

An image is not necessarily the same thing as a painting, nor is a painting the same thing as art... it is all about paint. There's power in paint, though I can't say where that power comes from. (Melanie Peter)

Melanie Peter - From the Practice category:

Artists can't forego disciplined study because that's the foundation for becoming fearless. (Melanie Peter)

Melanie Peter - From the Questions category:

Can't the 'new' manifest from anywhere, through any portal of style or idea? (Melanie Peter)

Melanie Peter - From the Realism category:

Realism seems not like an end in itself, but like a portal to something truly new. (Melanie Peter)

Melanie Peter - From the Travel category:

Experiencing our familiar rooms and belongings, our local supermarket and neighborhood streets as if we had never been there, is also traveling. (Melanie Peter)