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Joseph Jahn Quotes

Quotes by Joseph Jahn - (8 quotes)

Joseph Jahn - From the Books category:

It's my experience that all good art is self-taught – whether realist or abstract. And books are the gold mine of technical information on the subject of materials and their interaction. (Joseph Jahn)

Joseph Jahn - From the Copying category:

Once all the technical devices are well learned, it deadens the soul to use those skills to clone the work of others. (Joseph Jahn)

Joseph Jahn - From the Dreams category:

It is never fun at the end of our lives to say we have lived the dreams of others. (Joseph Jahn)

Joseph Jahn - From the Immortality category:

If we make our paintings good enough, no one will dare to destroy them because everyone knows that to destroy art is a major crime against the future. (Joseph Jahn)

Joseph Jahn - From the Money category:

Money and Art are in NYC, Berlin, Paris or London. Painting is in your head, wherever you are... You cannot think about money and art; it's a modern myth. (Joseph Jahn)

Joseph Jahn - From the Selling category:

Selling our work to anyone is a pleasure, but sometimes asking why they bought it can be an unpleasant revelation. (Joseph Jahn)

Joseph Jahn - From the Signatures category:

My gallery always checks, "Did you sign these?" Not on the back, as always, but on the front. (Joseph Jahn)

Joseph Jahn - From the Titles category:

Titles may be a good thing and an extension of the mystery. Practically speaking, it also helps when someone is referring to a painting that isn't present. When the gallery calls up and says, 'That painting sold, ya know the red one...' (out of 5 red paintings at the gallery). (Joseph Jahn)