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Kenneth Coutts-Smith Quotes

Quotes by Kenneth Coutts-Smith - (5 quotes)

Kenneth Coutts-Smith - From the Belief category:

The revelatory or visionary is the province of the 'private' artist, who in order to render his personal world comprehensible or even tolerable, must force others to believe in it and therefore share it. It is said that 'the poet does not wish to be understood, but to be believed.' (Kenneth Coutts-Smith)

Kenneth Coutts-Smith - From the Meaning category:

The language of images [of inner-oriented artists] does not follow a code structure that is evident and widely accepted, but is more likely to be a complex of symbols that have a profound meaning for the artists themselves. (Kenneth Coutts-Smith)

Kenneth Coutts-Smith - From the Obsession category:

Most inner-oriented artists share a common characteristic, a certain quality of obsession. (Kenneth Coutts-Smith)

Kenneth Coutts-Smith - From the Research category:

The 'public' artist confirms the world that we already accept, though he inevitably widens our experience of it; his method is one of research, the progressive uncovering of detail. (Kenneth Coutts-Smith)

Kenneth Coutts-Smith - From the Symbols category:

When the symbols are 'public' they usually act in an oblique manner, revealing themselves as archetypal symbols, which though familiar, have their central meanings obscured as is usual in esoteric imagery. (Kenneth Coutts-Smith)